Drostanolone (Masteron) is a steroid drug produced in the form of oil esters - enanthate and propionate. Masteron has a strong androgenic effect and a moderate anabolic effect. Drostanolone is not converted to estrogen, but rather blocks the activity of aromatase in the body. Masteron is similar in biochemical activity to dihydrotestosterone, since it is a derivative of this hormone. 

In medical practice, Drostanolone has been used as a drug for the treatment of breast cancer in women. However, due to the high risk of developing masculinization, it is almost never used at the moment. The form of the preparation is ampoules of 50 and 100 ml. Masteron does not lead to edema and, Drostanolone price on the contrary, increases urine output. The drug participates in lipolysis in adipose tissues, increases strength indicators, and also slows down catabolic processes in the body. 

Side effects

Drostanolone has a reduced anabolic effect, it is assumed that this is due to the stimulation of lipolytic processes. Along with this, the likelihood of androgenic side effects increases: aggressiveness, acne, alopecia, prostatic hyperplasia in men and masculinization in women. Drostanolone does not lead to the accumulation of water in the body, does not increase blood pressure and has almost no toxic effect on the liver.


The maximum efficacy of the drug in the framework of hormone therapy is observed when 500 mg of the drug is introduced into the body every week. High dosages do not increase the effectiveness of the drug. It is worth considering that the ether of drostanolone - propionate - is a short-acting ether, therefore, propionate should be injected every 2 days. Masteron can be combined with other similar drugs.