Most inexperienced players tend to bet only on goal totals, match results, very rarely turn to stats betting and completely forget about yellow cards. Even if they do get to this kind of betting, they make analytical mistakes.

Types of yellow card bets

Think of it as the number of goals scored. Only it is not goals that are counted, but "mustards". A distinction is made between LIVE Betting, Line Betting (Match, 1st Half, 2nd Half).

Types of LIVE bets:

- Outcome (result). It is necessary to predict the winning team according to the number of GKs. Our betting depends on it: P1, P2, X. You can play it safe and get double outcome: 1X, 2X, 12. Do not forget about handicaps (zero, plus or minus).
- Total. Betting is based on the total number of "mustards" received by both/specific teams - less or more than a certain total value. A distinction is made between: even/odd (even or odd number), individual (cautions of a certain team are taken into consideration), per game (total number of cautions), handicap (advantage of one team over the other with a certain handicap), three-way (you have to guess "more/equal/less" against a certain value will be shown).
- Who gets (the team) the first/next/last SC.
- The period when the referee will show a SC: first/last/only during the game, also to a certain team. If during this period the referee will show a warning, the bet will be settled.
- In which half the more number of "mustard" cards will be awarded: first/second/never.
- LC race. Which club will be awarded the indicated number of cards first (more often in LIVE).
- Exact number of cautions.

These are the basic types of bets, which are the most common. The variety depends on the betting provider betwinner, the status of the tournament or the individual match.