The healthy-food market in Ukraine has recently been actively developing. But the company Eat Easy has been working in this direction for more than 7 years. Nikita Izmailov is an investor and a man who has done much for development.

He started with practically no experience and knowledge, everything spun up in Instagram. The calculation was initially for clients with an above-average income, but the demand was much lower. The initial investment was $2.5 million for expensive equipment. And to break even, you had to deliver at least 200 servings daily. Very rarely the plan was exceeded, and when the ration costs 2500 thousand hryvnias, it was sold for 1200 hryvnias.

Improving the situation. How was it possible to achieve?

In order to increase profits, it was decided that it was necessary to educate the market. That's why we hired 9 online marketers. But this business works very differently and the realization came much later. Now the company has no marketers, and the work is done through a sales department of 4 people.

The decision was made to add catering and branded "To go" stores to expand the market. But there is no escape from the low demand again, nothing helps. And the peculiarities of the technological process allowed to serve no more than 500 customers a day, which also prevented stronger expansion. And to increase the production force, you had to invest a tidy sum.

For example, the salary for 97 people reached the amount of 50 to 70 thousand dollars a month, so that it was necessary to constantly invest in order to stay afloat. After a while there was still no exact plan of action and it was decided to hire a new CEO to change the company.

Final Development

As 2019 began, things improved with the arrival of a new professional. Only then it became clear that there was no clear focus, serious dispersion was visible. That's why half of the staff had to be downsized and simplified. The best decision was to focus on the production of drinks, with which to go for export as well. It was necessary to close the stores and return the old production, to which Nikita and his ex-wife at first flatly refused. But still managed to push through changes and contribution again reached 2.5 million dollars. It was decided to create an organic drink - kombucha.

At the moment, the market for the drink "kombucha" is developing and according to experts will increase. And indeed this approach soon began to bear its own fruit, and the company - to develop. That is, by trial and error it still managed to achieve results. Today Eat Easy is already exporting to different countries and has a factory for production.