Barcelona - Real Madrid: odds and bets for the final of the ACB League: who will be the champion?

Since Monday, the ACB finals between Barcelona and Real Madrid are being played.

The series is already 2-1 in favor of Real Madrid, after a 1-1 draw at the Palau and a recent win in Madrid. A Real Madrid win in the 4th game would give them the title, while if Barcelona wins now, all the action would be moved to the last game at the Palau. By the way, you can place bets on the website IPL betting online.

Barcelona - Real Madrid

So the probability as to which team will be the champion is now on Madrid's side.

Real Madrid – Barcelona: Real Madrid could be the champion

The prediction at this stage is for Real Madrid to win, and for this match we have it at a odds of 1.67 at William Hill. If someone is looking for a slightly riskier proposal, Los Blancos win with a -2.5 handicap against them at odds of 1.91.

We believe that points will be seen, or at least that the 152.0 line will be exceeded. In the points lines of each team we have at odds of 1.95 that Barcelona does not reach 76.5, while for Real Madrid we would have at 1.89 that they exceed 78.5.

William Hill offers several more alternative bets such as Madrid to reach 20 points before, which is at odds of 1.83.

Barcelona - Real Madrid

Already thinking of a daring proposal, we find at odds of 2.62 that Real Madrid wins the first quarter and also takes the game.

William Hill allows to play on the performance of the player, and here we can play on the points of Cory Higgins, being at odds 1.85 that he does not reach 9.5.

In the rebounds we also go with a azulgrana, Brandon Davies who has at odds 1.73 to capture less than 4.5. From Real Madrid we go with Yabusele, who has odds 1.85 to score more than 10.5 points.